Storm Water Management

We Can't Stop the Rain But We Can...

Nothing is going to stop the rain from falling, but we can be there to help with the problems that come from the rain coming too fast for your old infrastructure.

New growth, tired and failing infrastructure and new regulations all have taxed our storm water systems. The changes in the expectations of citizens and regulatory bodies have made handling storm water a critical item to deal with.

At Schlotfeldt Engineering we have the knowledge and experience to help wade through the storm water issues that cities and counties face, and provide solutions that you need and afford.

Some of the projects that we can help you with are:
  • Storm Water Permits
  • Retention Ponds
  • Recreation Ponds
  • Storm Water Re-use
  • Rain Gardens
  • Ditches and Storm Sewers
  • Box Culverts

Whatever your project is don't hesitate to contact our office for help.