Special Inspection Services

Services For When You Need Specialized Help

As you know some projects don't always fit into a nice, neat little box, but whether it's something common or not, you still need good information to make sound decisions. When you have a specialized project, Schlotfeldt Engineering, Inc. can get that information for you.

With our combination of engineers, surveyors and inspectors, we can provide these specialized services to clients including municipalities, private industry and private home owners.

Some of the services we provide are:
  • Basement foundation inspections
  • Inspections of structural problems
  • Monitoring of floor settlements
  • Water pressure and flow testing
  • In place concrete strength testing
  • Structural wall inspections
  • Retaining wall monitoring

So whether you need to know if the floor of your commercial storage facility is settling or whether the basement wall of your house is safe, don't hesitate to contact Schlotfeldt Engineering, Inc.