Floodplain Services

Helping You Through a Sea of Changes

There have been massive changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that can drastically affect those people in the program. FEMA has begun the process of moving away from subsidized flood insurance to rates that now reflect the risk of flooding. Without accurate information, participants can see large rate increases.

Whether it's an existing house, a new structure or a new development, accurate floodplain information is even more critical than ever. Schlotfeldt Engineering can help by providing floodplain services including:

  • Elevation Certificates
  • Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA)
  • Permits for Floodplain Development
  • Storm Water Improvements
  • Floodplain Mapping

When you need help wading through the sea of changes, don't hesitate to contact our offices for help.